<transcy>Garyu Kyokushinkai Full Contact Karate Gi</transcy>

Garyu Kyokushinkai Full Contact Karate Gi

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Full contact karate gi

This Gi has a black Garyu dragon embroidered on the left calf and the three Kanji Kyoku-Shin Spirit on the back left of the jacket.
Our karate suits differ from other manufacturers in terms of materials. The pants of the full contact Karate Gi, for example, are made of a special, slightly stretchy fabric and are therefore more comfortable than ever! Annoying tugging around during training is a thing of the past. Convince yourself of the excellent quality, mobility and comfort of the new generation.
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🌊Our washing recommendation 40 degrees
Kyokushin Gi made of durable canvas fabric 100% cotton, wider cut, short sleeves, no cords,
heavy and wider lapels washable & durable uniforms made of strong fabric and mesh.
➖Jacket: Heavy, hard-wearing canvas fabric 14oz / 400 grams

➖Pants: Mid-weight twill Zean fabric 10oz / 283 grams

✔️ Pants are stretchy 95% cotton 5% Lycra✔️
📦Shipping time: 3-5 days